DIY Sewing Machine Cover


Bonjour et bienvenue! Hello and welcome!

As my site name implies, I do a lot of crafting. I get energized by putting a project together, resulting in my ongoing guilty pleasure of staying up too late.

Since having kids, more of my projects are being worn/seen/inquired about; even more so now that I have a daughter (ribbons, frills, and bows, oh my!!). So I decided to give blogging a try in an attempt to share with others the resources I find.

Some projects to expect to see from me include: sewing (girls’ clothing, ladies’ clothing, bags, baby accessories), hair accessories, home decor makeovers, and paper-crafting. When choosing a new project, I usually select blog tutorials that are easy to follow, and that provide patterns. When helpful, I will try to include my own tips (and errors) to help make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.



For my first blog, I selected a project that I look at every time I sit at my desk: my sewing machine cover.

Sewing machine cover, angle

I love this project because it’s practical, straightforward to create, and SO cute! The tutorial I used came from: Sew Delicious

Here are a couple more shots of it:

Sewing machine cover, front

Sewing machine cover, side CU

The fabrics for this project came from both Jo-Ann Fabrics and SR Harris, a local discount fabric store (

Thanks for viewing!