Welcome! My name is Kristin Rajotte and I am an unrelenting night owl and craft addict. I am living my dream, working as a mom/homemaker/artist. I developed this site to share my work. Most recently, I added a blog, check it out! Future plans for this site include adding my portfolios (professional and handmade), and more products.

My artistic interests span graphic design, photography, sewing, scrapbooking, party planning, jewelry/accessory design, and more. As I’m sure you could guess, Pinterest has been a very dangerous discovery. I’m never at a loss for things to do, and I like it that way. Any spare time that I can squeeze out of my days is spent on my projects. I create things because I enjoy the process, it relaxes me and recharges my spirit after a day spent pouring into others.

Speaking of my others, I’m married to an amazingly understanding man, Chase, who encourages me endlessly in my pursuits. Together we have two darling kiddos, Stephen and Sofia. These two are adorable beyond words, and keep me smiling and moving.

Thank you for checking out my website, I’m delighted you’re here!